Cash Advance

A Cash Advance is a short-term finance option for SMEs that need funds quickly but do not wish to use bank loans, sell equity or rely on overdrafts.

A business Cash Advance from Paynetworx is quick to arrange, and can typically take just 6 to 12 months to repay, with no fixed interest rate or fixed repayments.

We can help provide at least one months’ average card takings for any business purpose in a matter of days, and can offer a funding amount of between £2,500 and £300,000. This could help your business expand, improve cash-flow and provide future financial stability. Your merchant account does all the hard work for you so there are no late fees and no increase in charges.

And the best part is there are no fixed payments or payment dates; repayments are made in line with your cashflow.
You Simply Pay-As-You-Trade!

What’s available to you?

Card Payment Services

Borrow between
£2,500 & £300,000

Fully regulated loans for SME’s are available from £2,500 up to £300,000 depending on your average monthly takings.

Card Payment Services

Contract Lengths

Our flexible repayment terms means you can repay your loan anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Card Payment Services

No Collateral Required
to Secure Cash Advance

A Business Cash Advance from Paynetworx does not require any collateral as downpayment to secure an agreement.

Reasons for a Cash Advance

Cash Advance

Buy New Stock
for Your Business

Buying new stock for busy or seasonal periods with a Cash Advance from Paynetworx can help grow your business

Cash Advance

Help To Manage
Your Cash Flow

If you need a short term cash injection to support your business a Cash Advance from Paynetworx is the solution for you

Cash Advance

Store or Office

Fully regulated loans for SME’s are available from £3,500 up to £100,000 depending on your average monthly takings…

How can a business Cash Advance help you?


Have a Business Problem?

It doesn’t matter if you have expected business costs such as renovating and redecorating, or purchasing new stocks for busy or seasonal periods, or even if you suddenly find yourself facing an unexpected problem; when running a business, we know that planned or unexpected scenarios are always just around the corner.

Most small businesses will at some-point face an uneven cash-flow situation, and if you previously only had access to traditional forms of business finance from large High Street banks, it can often be frustrating and sometimes restrict business growth if you’re unable to respond during difficult periods.

Need a Finance Solution?

At Paynetworx we have a better way to finance business expenses.

Providing you have been trading for over 4 months, and as long as you take a minimum of £2.5k from credit and debit card transactions every month, you could be eligible to qualify for a Business Cash Advance up to £300k.

How much cash you can advance is based on your average monthly customer card transactions and will come at just one fixed cost of finance; which is agreed with you upfront. We also won’t add any additional interest or APR, late fees or penalties…ever! And that’s a promise.

And because we base our decisions to lend on multiple factors such as business potential, and not just on credit history like traditional lenders do, we’re able to approve up to 70% of business cash advance applications.


Help Your Business Grow

Managing a business Cash Advance from Paynetworx is really easy too. Repayments are made by a pre-agreed percentage of your daily customer card takings, and typically take around 6 to 12 months to repay.

By linking repayments to your daily card takings, your outstanding balance is then directly matched to your cash-flow, and you’ll only ever repay the advanced amount as and when your customers pay you.

A business Cash Advance from Paynetworx is a simple, easy-to-understand solution to business finance.

We Support Your Need

During your time with us, if you need to talk about your Cash Advance our support team are available to contact anytime, to answer any questions or help work through any issues you may have.

And you can rest assured thanks to our customer-satisfaction-guarantee, if you change your mind at any time for any reason during the first 14 days, you can cancel your contract and hand back all of the advanced amount without incurring any penalties or costs.

A Business Cash Advance from Paynetworx is a better solution to financing your business needs.


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