1. Spread the word - Recommend to friends & family.

2. Follow them on social media.

3. Engage with them.

4. Write a review (TrustPilot or Google).

5. Sign up with their newsletter.

Want to reward loyal customers but not sure where to start? Here’s a few ideas on how to get started.

Create a referral form for your customer to refer to their friend / family. If you reward the customer, they're more likely to keep referring!

If your product / service is something that is frequently bought, like a coffee, you can create a loyalty card where their 10th purchase is free. You can easily set this up with a business card size, find templates online and buy a stamp.

Reward customers on how much they’ve spent with you. Like a boots advantage card, you can reward customers with a certain amount of points based on their spend e.g. 1 point every £1 spent, and once they get to a certain amount, you'll send them a voucher.

Whichever loyalty program you choose, always remember to factor this into your pricing as a 10% discount means 10% less gross profit!

Customer loyalty = happy customers and more sales. Here’s how we do it:

1. Be honest and transparent

Stay true to your word, and don’t lie to customers - there's nothing they hate more.

2. Under promise and overdeliver

Aim for exceptional customer service each time - this is what customers remember.

3. Promote your brand

Part of creating a loyal customer base is promote your business in in places where your potential customers are active. This could be social media, Facebook groups, local forums or even a local noticeboard.

Want to expand your business through new revenue channels? Try these 3 ways.

You can set up a shop so customers can buy your product directly through Instagram / Facebook. To do this: Set up a Business Instagram and Facebook page. Link both accounts and make a Facebook Business Suite account. Upload products to your catalogue. Complete account review. Turn on shopping. Make content actionable!

If you haven’t already, having a website can increase selling channels to your customers. Check out our post about which website builder to use to get started ps. you don't need to be a coder to build a website!

Like Etsy or Amazon, you can list your product for free and pay a percentage of sales. Here you don’t have to build your own website and can start selling online faster. However, it comes at a cost as you will need to pay a percentage to the marketplace for listing on their website.

The higher your customer retention rate is, the more repeat purchases you get, the more profit you make! Here are three simple ways to improve customer retention.

1. Get customer feedback

It's important to know what you’re doing right, so you can keep doing it, but also where you can improve, so you can make your customers even happier.

2. Get social

Make sure you have social media accounts so your customers can follow you and stay updated with any new products / service you have - they'll be the first ones to buy again!

3. Get loyal

Reward repeat customers with customer loyalty programs. This could be something like their 10th purchase free, or a discount if they refer a friend.

1. Decide where your target audience is, and make these social media accounts.

Are your customers in FB groups? If so, make your facebook page, and use your person profile to join these FB groups so you can share your business page's here.

2. Start using Facebook Business Suite.

Make an account for your business, and here you can answer all your messages in one place, track notifications and even schedule posts. You can also download the app and answer notifications through your phone.

3. Use Call to Actions

Your social media could be great but if you don’t have any call to actions, how are you going to get your customers to buy from you? Make sure you have your call to actions visible. This would be a website link, a phone number, or a "message now" button.

Lets look at the facts:

So how can you manage social media in 3 easy steps?

1. Encourage your customers to follow your social media accounts. Add it to your business card if you have one.

2. Post regularly, this can be anything from a new product to an update about your business.

3. Respond to comments & messages. Engaging with prospective customers increases the chance of them remembering your brand / buying from you in the future.

  1. Wix – Wix is free, user friendly and you can choose themes to create a professional website. Wix websites display well on desktops and mobile.
  2. Squarespace – beginner friendly, you can even drag and drop features onto your website pages. Usually good for blog style websites.
  3. WordPress – WordPress is an easy platform to use if you’re new to building websites. It’s entirely customisable with plug-ins and themes that can enable you to build almost any type of site you’d like.

Whichever platform you choose, remember that 87% of consumers would abandon a checkout if they checkout process isn’t up to scratch.

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