The service was very helpful and the machines are easy to use. Ian has been helpful in showing us how to use the card machine. It's very easy. I was very happy with the package that Ann created for us which is why we chose Paynetworx. She explained everything well about the offer she was giving us. The whole process was quick, Ann came to visit quickly and any time I called she picked up straight away and came to see us. We have already referred someone to Paynetworx from our experience! We want to say thank you for a good overall experience.

The service with Paynetworx has been so far so good. Hassan came to visit me, he was very polite and his service was very good. Today I had the card machine installed by Ian. He's informed me about everything, set the machine up and we're very happy. I'm happy with the time it took for the application, it was very quick, fast and easy. I would love to recommend your services and company.

Right from the initial start, Matt & Ian have been brilliant, they've been with me every step of the way and I'm really pleased. Today I feel as if I'm in control of using the terminal, everything I've been shown by Ian has been clear so now I'm ready to do the first transaction. From the service I've had I would definitely be happy to recommend Paynetworx. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work to get me this far.

I was recommended by my brother. Ann came very quickly to see me. She was very friendly and helpful, especially with the application. I appreciated that. I was happy with the time it took to receive my card machine. The machine is easy to use and thank you to Ian as he set it up and even wrote down instructions for me. I’m very happy. I would of course recommend Paynetworx.

First class service. Paynetworx has been great. David has been great. Whenever I need help, he's here to help me. I'm happy with the deal I got. The service is really great. I have the full EPOS system including integration with card machines. It's all easy to use. David even helps me make changes if I need them - he's very patient.

I've been with Paynetworx for 3 years. I've had no problems at all. Good customer service, we can get hold of you when we need to. I receive regular calls and updates. So far so good.

Brilliant experience with Paynetworx. We've not had any problems, they money goes in when its meant to. The receipts are perfect, don't have any problems with anything. Paynetworx calls me every couple of months to make sure everything is alright, to see if i need anything, so the whole experience has been really good.

Our experience has been fantastic from start to finish. Lauren came and gave us a great price on everything, we were more than happy to go ahead with it. The process has been really quick and effective considering it was only a week ago, and Ian's been in today to set up our card machine for us. It's been perfectly smooth. 100% would recommend, I've had no problems whatsoever so would totally recommend.

Very good service, highly recommended!

"Overall process was very professional. I was happy with the service from Ann, she was very good over the phone too. Happy with the deal I got. Ian installed the terminal and went through the controls, it's pretty easy to do. I would definitely recommend Paynetworx."

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