Customer Not Present (CNP) Mail Order – Sale

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

1. Plug the device in using the supplied power supply and log in using the login credentials.

2. Go to the Main Menu and scroll to the next screen and select Card Not Present or enter 4. At the next screen select Sale Mail Order. When the Sale screen is presented enter the Sale amount.

3. Enter the gratuity amount if required. If not, then press the red X button.

4. The screen will switch to manual entry screen. Once the long card number is complete, press the green enter key to continue.

5. Next, key in the cards expiry date and press the green enter key.

6. Enter the 3-digit security code (CSC) from the back of the card and press the green enter button.

7. Enter the house number and press the green enter key.

8. Enter the just the numbers from the Postcode and press the green enter key.

9. Register for account on file if required.

10. At this stage, the terminal will contact the PayWare Ocius gateway and will provide a result of either Approved or Declined.

11. A receipt will then be printed for the merchant and a second copy for the customer.

12. The terminal will return to the main menu once completed.