V200C Verifone Ethernet Connection

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Follow the step-by-step guide on how to complete your V200C Verifone Ethernet Connection . To begin, please ensure the terminal is not powered on before making any connections.

1. Power

ethernet cable connection from verifone terminal into wall plug V200C Verifone Ethernet Connection

2. Ethernet

how to put the cable into the verifone terminal and into the ethernet port in the wall V200C Verifone Ethernet Connection

Your countertop terminal supports a direct wired connection to your router or Ethernet port.
In most cases, there is no configuration required as the terminal will configure itself automatically via DHCP.


Follow the instructions below

1. Turn on the device, by plugging the device in.

2. At the Please log in user screen press the red cross.

login user screen for verifone terminal

3. Select Option 3, Supervisor.

main menu for verifone terminal

4. Enter the Supervisor Pin, the default Pin is set at 12345.

password required for verifone terminal

5. Select Option 2, Communication.

supervisor menu for verifone terminal

6. Select option 3, Configuration
The option will be off the main screen and will require the use of the navigation buttons to be used or press 3.

communication panel for verifone terminal

7. Select Option 1, Network Interface.

configuration panel for verifone terminal

8. Select Option 1, LAN.

network interface for verifone terminal

9. Select Option 1, Autostart.

lan connection for verifone terminal

10. Select Option 1, Yes.

autostart for verifone terminal

11. Select Option 2, IPv4

lan connection verifone terminal

The default is DHCP, if you require static IPs then follow steps 12-18 if not, skip to step 18.

12. Select Option 2, DHCP.

ipv4 connection verifone terminal

13. Select Option 1, No.

Note: By selecting No, it will then enable 5 additional menu options.

dhcp option verifone terminal

14. Select Option 3, IP Address.

select option 3 ip address

15. Enter the required IP address.

Note: If a field is not 3 digits long, then you must enter the leading zeros.

enter ip address value

16. Repeat steps 15 and 16 for Subnet Mask, Gateway IP Address and DNS 1.

17. Press the red cross button.

ipv4 menu screen connection

18. Press Save using the top right hand button.

lan connection menu verifone terminal

19. When “Saved” is displayed press the green circle button.

network connection accepted verifone terminal

20. Select Yes to “Apply settings on interface?”

apply on interface question

21. Select Yes to “Interface started”.

interface accepted and started

23. Press the red cross button.

lan connection menu verifone terminal

24. Press the red cross button.

configuration menu verifone terminal

25. Select Option 1, Status.

communication panel verifone terminal

26. Select Option 1, IP Addresses.

status screen verifone terminal

27. Select Option 1, LAN.

ip address list verifone terminal

28. Check that the status is Up.

Note: If the status is not Up, repeat the network setup steps.

lan menu screen verifone terminal

29. Press the red cross button until you are back at the Login screen.

main menu for V200C Verifone Ethernet Connection

Your V200C Verifone Ethernet Connection is now complete. For further assistance, contact the help desk below.