Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

1. Tap the “Verifone” logo to access the Main menu.

2. Press “2” to select “Refund”.

3. To initiate the refund transaction, just enter the required amount. After amount entered, press the “Green” button or “Green Circle” button to start the transaction.

4. On this screen, the user can choose the card payment method, i.e. Tap for contactless, Swipe or Insert. This example will follow Chip and PIN route.

5. After the card has been inserted, the device will print the merchant receipt with signature prompt.

6. Remove the card as prompted.

7. Press the “Green” button or “Green Circle” button to confirm the signature matched or else “Red” button or “Red Cross” button to cancel the transaction.

8. After the transaction have been approved, the terminal will display a confirmation message as shown. Either press “Green Bar” at the bottom of the screen” or press “Green Circle” or “Enter” button to complete.

9. Once complete the terminal will return to the main menu.