Verifone V200C Swipe Sale

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Follow the steps below to conduct a Verifone V200C Swipe Sale.

1. To initiate the Sale payment, enter the required amount.

enter sale amount on terminal screen

2. After amount entered, press the “Green” button or “Green Circle” button to start the transaction.

enter sale amount and press ok when complete

3. Option to add the gratuity, Press “Green” to add gratuity or “Red” to skip.

prompt to ask yes or no to adding a gratuity

4. On this screen, the user can choose the card payment method, i.e. Tap for contactless, Swipe for MSR or Insert for ICC transaction. In this example, we are showing a swipe transaction.

prompt to insert, swipe or tap card to initiate sale

5. After the card has been swiped the device will prompt for signature verification (at this point a merchant receipt will be printed with a box for a signature).

merchant receipt prints and question appears on screen for prompt if signature is valid

6. You may see a screen where the terminal is “connecting”, this screen should only show for a couple of seconds while the terminal is establishing a connection.

terminal is connecting, please wait

7. After the transaction have been approved, the terminal will display a confirmation message as shown. Either press “Green Bar” at the bottom of the screen” or press “Green Circle” or “Enter” button to complete.

transaction is approved

8. The terminal will display the printing message.

customer copy receipt is printing

9. When complete the terminal will return to the main menu.

terminal returns back to the sale screen

You have now completed a Verifone V200C Swipe Sale. For more articles on how to use your terminal, click here.