Verifone V240M Terminal Overview

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This short guide provides you with a Verifone V240M Terminal Overview. 

Terminal front

line drawing of verifone v240m terminal

The V240m+includes the following features:
• Capacitive touch LCD display and CTLS tap area
• Smart card reader
• Magnetic card reader
• Integrated thermal printer
• Secure keypad supporting 3×5 matrix containing 0-9, *, #, Cancel (Red), Backspace/Clear (Yellow), and Enter (Green) keys.


Terminal back

back of terminal v240m diagram

After removing the rear cover and battery, the underside of the V240m+device shows
the following:

A Micro SD slot
• Dual MSAM slots to support stored-value card programs or other merchant card requirements
• Dual MICRO SIM Card compartments


Terminal base station

diagram of verifone v240m terminal base station

The V240m + Base provides a stable mounting platform for the V240m + Terminal. The Charging Base supports charging only with no communication functionality. The Charging Base accommodates and supplies power to the V240m + Portable Terminals.


Full featured terminal base station

full featured diagram of terminal base station for verifone v240m

In addition to charging the terminal the full-featured base also provides the following cable configurations:
• Ethernet port RJ-45 socket (for connecting PINPad to LAN infrastructure)
• RS232 port RS232 socket (for connecting PINPad to LAN infrastructure),
• MOD-8 socket, Mini USB & DC-in jack
• USB ports Mini USB and type A USB

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