Accept payments online, or over the phone.

A virtual terminal, in simple terms, is a way to take payments over the phone without a customer being present and without the need to have an actual card payment terminal. 

It can be done in two ways;

1. Take the customer's payment details over the phone.
2. Take the order on the phone and then send a payment link via email (it can be used for direct debits too)

Taking payments virtually, allows you to still do business without face-to-face interaction.

Our Virtual Terminal package covers both payments over the phone, and by email link, for the same monthly cost. If you’re taking payments by both methods, you’ll be able to see an overview of all your payments together on your dashboard. No difference to normal payments.

What kind of businesses take virtual payments?

If you're deciding whether a virtual terminal is right for you or not, here are a few examples of businesses that use them;
Takeaway business accepting payments for pre-order
Taxi business confirming a pre-booking
Builders completing a job
An office taking payments whilst their card machine is being used remotely
Food businesses taking deposits / pre-payments
Events businesses taking pre-payments and deposits
Hotel accepting bookings
A wholesaler you place an order with over the phone, who will deliver to

So how does it work?

To accept payments virtually, all you need is a computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Accept all major credit and debit cards securely.
1. Get your quote
Personalised to your business, with a package that works for you.
2. Get approved
Once approved, you’ll be able to start taking payments almost immediately.
3. Get paid
You’ll receive your payment the next working day (we call it T+1).
4. Get real-time reports
View your sales and settlements on your dashboard.

Get your quote now

Email submit VT Page

Email submit VT Page

Easy-to-use software

Payments via Phone
How does it work?

  • Log in to your online system – with either a tablet, laptop, computer, or smartphone.
  • Add payment details
  • Payment is taken – submit a form, send the receipt, and voila, you’ve been paid.

Payments via Email
How does it work?

  • Log in to your online system – with either a tablet, laptop, computer, or smartphone.
  • Add payment details
  • Send link via email – the customer will enter their payment details and get a receipt once confirmed.

Why choose a virtual terminal?

It's easy to set up and easy to use. Once you’re approved, your merchant login will be ready the next working day, then you’ll be able to take payments almost immediately.
It's safe and secure – Pay by link uses 3D secure to prevent fraud and allow you to take payments safely.
Real-time authorisation – payments are fast and can be viewed in real-time on your dashboard. It’s easy to keep track of your payments.
Add multiple users so you can take multiple payments in different locations, at the same time.
Accept multiple forms of payment to make doing business with you more convenient for your customers.
All you need is an internet connection – it’s that easy. No website or store necessary.
Virtual Terminal Testimonial
I would highly recommend PAYNETWORX Virtual-Terminal and Pay-by-link system. It's any easy to use and navigate platform, and the service from the personal account manager (Anthony Wright) is excellent.
W H Lung Supermarket, Liverpool

Why Choose Paynetworx?

  • Hassle-free – Our team make set-up easy, including choosing the right terminal and installing it for you.
  • No set-up fees – We’ll help you through the sign-up to changing provider, all free of charge.
  • Account manager – You’ll receive check-in calls from a dedicated Account Manager and regular communications from our Head Office.
  • UK Help Desk – Our UK help desk is available every day (except Christmas Day).
  • Super secure – We use all the security checks available to keep payments safe for you and your customers.
  • We also include free PCI DSS compliance support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Our Virtual Terminal Pay by link uses 3D secure (link to resources page), which adds an extra layer of protection, also known as two-factor authentication, which means no payments will go through unless authorised by yourself only.
We use end-to-end encryption between our web server and your browser. It’s also PCI compliant  keeping you and your customers safe.
Address Verification System (AVS) checks your customers billing address used for their payment method.
Card Verification Value (CVV) checks customers' card security code on their payment method.

Why should I take payments over the phone when I currently send invoices?

Taking payments virtually is faster and your payments can be viewed in real-time.

Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes. Your Virtual Terminal pay by link stores the customer's data safely and saves you time by getting you paid consistently by your regular customers.

What if I’ve never taken card payments before?

Don't worry, we have a dedicated team to help get you set up and choose the right package that works for you. Cash spending is on the decline, so we'll help you get set up taking card payments quickly.

Do I need a website?

No. Just an internet connection! This can be with a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer – and you're ready to take payments.

Is there a set-up fee?

No. We don’t charge a set-up fee, we charge based on how many card transactions you process in a year. If this amount changes, we can readjust the package you’re on to fit you better.

Can you customise the invoices?

Yes, you can. You can also customise your receipts.

More ways to take payments

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