How to Create New Revenue Channels for Your Business

Article by Megan Grosso

Want to expand your business through new revenue channels? Try these 3 ways.

  • Social Media

You can set up a shop so customers can buy your product directly through Instagram / Facebook. To do this: Set up a Business Instagram and Facebook page. Link both accounts and make a Facebook Business Suite account. Upload products to your catalogue. Complete account review. Turn on shopping. Make content actionable!

  • Website

If you haven’t already, having a website can increase selling channels to your customers. Check out our post about which website builder to use to get started ps. you don't need to be a coder to build a website!

  • Online marketplace

Like Etsy or Amazon, you can list your product for free and pay a percentage of sales. Here you don’t have to build your own website and can start selling online faster. However, it comes at a cost as you will need to pay a percentage to the marketplace for listing on their website.

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