Cable Connection to WIFI Access Point

Article by Megan Grosso

Please follow this procedure carefully and only power on the terminal and WI-FI access point when instructed.

1. Plug the supplied network cable into the WAN socket in the Wi-Fi access point. Connect the other end to the internet source.

2. Plug the power supply into the Wi-Fi access point.

3. Plug the Wi-Fi access point power supply into the mains power socket and switch on.
Note: Multiple 3000C Wi-Fi terminals can communicate with a single Wi-Fi access point.


Castles VEGA 3000C Wi-Fi portable terminal's expected range

The range of a V3M2 Wi-Fi from the Wi-Fi access point should be in the region of 100 feet in all directions, but this can vary due to internal obstructions and potential interference from other equipment.
Once the system is powered, it is best to carry the terminal to the extremes of your premises where you would expect to take payment and check operation. If necessary, relocate the Wi-Fi access point.
Alternatively, it is possible to boost the Wi-Fi signal strength by purchasing an aftermarket repeater.

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