Castles VEGA3000C Paper Roll Replacement

Article by Megan Grosso

Follow the steps below to change / replace the Castles VEGA3000C Paper Roll.

When you first receive your terminal, one roll will be supplied in the box. It may be loose in the box or already in the terminal paper compartment. It's vital that you use approved paper roll suppliers to ensure you terminal prints receipts correctly. 

To change the roll:

1. With the terminal facing up, pull upwards on the lever located in the middle of the printer door.

how to open the paper roll compartment in castles vega 3000c terminal

2. Discard any packing material from the paper roll. Place the roll in the compartment as shown in the diagram. The paper must feed from underneath the roll. The correct orientation of the paper is important (if you experience blank receipts, the paper may be incorrectly inserted or of the wrong specification). Pull a length of paper until it overflows from the top of the terminal.

how to correctly place the thermal till roll in vega 3000c terminal

3. Close the printer door until an audible ‘click’ is heard.

4. Remove the excess paper by pulling down and tearing along the serrated edge.

closing the paper compartment for castles vega 3000c terminal

You can test if you have entered the till roll correctly by printing a duplicate receipt of your last transaction. You have now successfully changed the Castles VEGA3000C Paper Roll. For more assistance, find our help desk contact details below. 

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