Article by Megan Grosso

To conduct a refund, from the Main Menu shown, choose “Refund”. Key in the amount of the refund and select “Done”, as shown in Figure 22.

You will be prompted to “Tap, Swipe or Insert”; or complete the transaction with the “Card Not Present” feature, as shown in Figure 23.

If the customer is present, please ask the customer to do one of the following:

Tap the card on the contactless reader.
Swipe the card through the magstripe reader.
Insert card into the card reader, Figure 24 will display on the screen.

If the customer is not present, select the Card Not Present button:

Key in the card number and expiry date and select “Done”.
Key in the CSC number and select “Done”.

If all details are valid the terminal will process the transaction.

If the refund has been approved a green tick is displayed, as shown in Figure 25. If the transaction has failed a red cross is displayed, as shown in Figure 26.

The sale or refund process is now complete, the application will return to the Main Menu.

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