Processing Cards

Article by Megan Grosso

Your terminal is able to provide the following transaction types:
• Sale
• Sale with Cashback
• Sale with Tip/Gratuity
• Pre-Authorisation
• Completion
• Refund

Please note: By default, your terminal will not be configured to accept all transaction types. Please contact your helpdesk for further details on how to add other transactions. There are multiple configurable options on the Vega 3000 range of terminals which are set by the acquirers. As such the transaction flows within these articles may vary slightly to those displayed on your terminal.


How to insert a chip card

If your terminal is fitted with a PIN Pad, the card reader in the terminal is disabled. In this situation the cardholder inserts his/her Chip Card into the PIN Pad card reader. If no PIN Pad is fitted, the cardholder can insert his/her Chip Card into the terminal or, if preferred, they can ask you to perform the operation.

If the card has a Chip on the front, insert the card either in the main terminal or separate PIN Pad (SPp10) with the Chip facing up and towards the terminal/PIN Pad. When the card is inserted correctly you should feel some resistance and hear an audible soft ‘click’.


How to swipe a card

If the card presented is a Chip Card, it must be inserted into the terminal. If your terminal cannot read the Chip you may be given the option to swipe the card’s magnetic stripe. As an additional security measure you may be requested to enter the last 4 digits of the card number.
If a Chip Card is swiped prior to being inserted into the terminal, the terminal will request the card is inserted into the Chip Card reader.
Swipe the card with the magnetic stripe facing down and towards the terminal. Swipe the card quickly in either direction.

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