Conducting an End of Day Report

Article by Megan Grosso

 To access the reports menu press the MENU button  until the System Menu is displayed.

  1. Press ENTER  to select Reports. End-of-Day-Banking will be highlighted; press ENTER  to select.
  2. Enter your supervisor password.
  3. The terminal will go online to the acquirer to confirm the totals before printing the report.
End-of-Day-Banking should be performed every day as this is your confirmation of the transaction totals that have been sent to the acquirer.

Note: Your terminal will not complete End-of-Day-Banking automatically.


Batching timescales

Once you’ve completed your End of Day banking report, it will be sent to the acquiring bank to be processed and paid into your bank account. The settlement timescales are as follows:

Standard settlement

3 working days

Next Day Settlement
Batch Time         

Funds Received

Before 6.00pm By 14.00 next working day
After 6.00pm By 14.00 second working day

If you would like Next Day Settlement added to your account or are unsure if you have it, please contact our Customer Support team.


Auto end of day report

Also known as ‘auto-batching’, this enables your card machine to bank the transactions listed on your End of Day report at a set time each day.

You can choose a specific hour in the day, as well as specific dates, when this is performed e.g. 17.00-18.00 daily or 17.00-18.00 on 04/04/2020.

The batching timescales for receiving funds are the same as if you ran your End of Day report manually:

Standard settlement

3 working days

Next Day Settlement
Batch Time          Funds Received
2.00 am By 11.00 am same day
12.00 am By 11.00 am next day

Your card machine will not be pre-programmed with this function but setup can be requested by contacting our Customer Support team.

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