Customer Not Present (CNP) Phone Order - Refund

Article by Megan Grosso

1. Tap the “Verifone” logo to access the Main menu.

2. Tap “Grey Bar” at the bottom of the screen” to view more options below.

3. Press “4” for “Card Not Present” option.

4. In the “Card Not Present” Menu, there are options of CNP Transaction. Choose one appropriately. In this example, the “Refund Telephone Order” was selected.

5. To initiate the refund, enter the required amount. After amount entered, press the “Green” button or “Green Circle” button to start the transaction.

6. Use the keypad to enter the Card Number and press “Enter” to continue.

7. Enter “Expiry Date” and press “Enter” to continue.

8. The device is now connecting the server.

9. The device is showing transaction’s authorising message.

10. The device is now connecting the server.

11. After the transaction have been approved, the terminal will display a confirmation message as shown. Either press “Green Bar” at the bottom of the screen” or press “Green Circle” or “Enter” button to complete.

12. After the card has been inserted, the device will print the merchant receipt.

13. When complete the terminal will return to the main menu.


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