Customer Not Present (CNP) Sale

Article by Megan Grosso

A payment made where the cardholder does not, or physically cannot, present their card to you at the time of purchase.

  1. When prompted with the READY screen, press MENU   twice.
  2. The option for Mail Order will be listed, press the respective function button to select it.
  3. An option for Sale will be listed under F1  or Refund under F4 . Select the appropriate option depending on your transaction type.
  4. Enter the Sale or Refund amount, then press ENTER .
  5. When prompted to 'present, key in or insert the card', type the long card number into the card machine using the number keys.
  6. Key in the Expiry Date. The format for this will be MM / YY. Then press the ENTER .
  7. Key in the customer's address. This will only be the 1st line of the address and a house or flat number.
    Note: If the customer doesn’t have a house / flat number, you will just press ENTER  to get to the next step.
  8. Key in the customer’s postcode. You can only enter the numbers of the postcode in order of how the postcode reads: 
    E.g. if the postcode is 'MK9 1NJ', you would enter '91'. Then press ENTER .

If your business takes a lot of CNP transactions, you may find a Virtual Terminal to be a more useful method of taking payment.

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