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Article by Megan Grosso

Please note the terminal is using following colouring scheme:
No icon means the function is not present in the terminal or its switched off.
Grey icon represents an active feature but not connected.
Orange icon represents connection in progress.
Green icon is used during connection when the terminal is ready to exchange data.

Following power icons will be displayed, depending on the battery charge.

Note: Icons displayed on your terminal display depend on your terminal type.

Note: Date and time formats can be changed to suit your preference. Please call the helpdesk for further information.

GPRS Terminal

Your terminal might be 2G, 3G or combined 2G/3G capable

Before connection, the mobile network status is represented by:

Bluetooth Terminal (IP/PSTN) 

Wi-Fi Terminal

Please note: Some terminals might have multiple comms capability; therefore you might see a combination of various comms icons on the display.

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