Move Customer Not Present (CNP) - Mailorder

Article by Megan Grosso

Follow the instructions below to perform a Move Customer Not Present (CNP) transaction. This can be performed on your Ingenico Move 3500 or Move 5000 terminal. The CNP transaction is performed when a payment is taken without face to face customer interaction, however, if this is something your business is consistently doing we recommend you use a Virtual Terminal.

Your terminal is pre-configured for Mailorder (Customer Not Present) transactions.

Mailorder transactions are performed without the customer or the card being present. All card details must be manually entered so please take note of what information will be asked for by your terminal. If supported by your acquirer and by the card type taken, you will have the option of entering the CSC (Card Security Code) and using the AVS (Address Verification Service).

The CSC is the last three digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the back of the card. To use AVS checking, you will be prompted to input only the digits from the customer’s postcode and address.

Note: For American Express cards there is a four digit Card Security Code printed on the front of the card, any numbers on the signature strip should be ignored.

The response from the acquirer will then give you the result of the security checks to help you decide if you wish to continue with the transaction.

Mailorder - CSC/AVS Results

Please be aware that the CSC/AVS result is intended only to guide you in a decision to void or confirm an already authorised transaction. Contact your acquirer for more information and details of liability.

DATA MATCHED - Both the CSC and AVS data matches
AVS MATCH ONLY - Only the AVS data matches
CSC MATCH ONLY - Only the CSC data matches
DATA NON MATCH - Neither the CSC nor AVS data matches
NOT CHECKED - The data was not checked

The data may not be checked if the service is not supported or if there is a temporary system failure.

You have now completed a Move Customer Not Present transaction for your Ingenico terminal. To discover more features, visit our Move 3500 or Move 5000 article page.

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