IPP350 PINpad Terminal Overview

Article by Megan Grosso

This short guide provides you with a IPP350 PINpad Terminal Overview. 

Contents of the Box

content of box for ingenico ipp350 pinpad terminal

PINpad Overview

An overview of your PINpad is shown below:

ingenico ipp350 pinpad terminal diagram

Terminal Installation

In order to connect your PINpad to a Countertop terminal you must follow the steps below. Ensure that your terminal is completely powered off before attempting to install your PINpad.

how to connect ingenico ipp350 pinpad to countertop terminal
  1. Unclip the two retaining clips on the underside of your terminal using your fingernails and lift the cover upwards and away from the retaining lugs to reveal the cable bay.
  2. Without removing the “magic cable”, twist off the blanking spacer (as indicated) from the cable; take care not to damage the “magic cable” itself.
  3. Plug in the PINpad USB cable as indicated and ensure that it is secured properly in both the socket and the cable retaining clip. Replace and secure the cover by reversing the instructions in step 1.
  4. Power on your terminal; your PINpad should turn on during the terminal initialisation procedure.

This article is a IPP350 PINpad Terminal Overview, for more information please visit the other articles here. 

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