Move 3500 Key Features

Article by Megan Grosso

Strong Customer Authentication

As part of PSD2 - The second Payment Services Directive from the EU, if a cardholder uses their contactless card to spend up to £150 or make five Contactless transactions in succession, they will be asked to insert the card and enter their PIN to validate th next card transaction.

The contactless transaction is started as normal and the customer taps their card. The Contactless transaction is sent to acquirer to authorise
The terminal beeps twice and displays message to say that the Chip must be read. Customer is shown the Insert/Swipe screen. The transaction is verified by PIN. The verified transaction is sent back to acquirer and completed

Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT)

There are new types of Completion transactions that will send additiona information to the Card Scheme (e.g. Visa) to reduce the number of chargebacks. These options are only available for Customer Not Present Completions (Hotel Mode).

Complete Payment is processed the same as a Customer Present Transaction because the Customer had agreed to the terms and conditions when the Pre-Auth was processed to allow this payment to be taken (e.g. an express check out). No payment attribute data will be sent.

No Show. This feature will follow the "Complete Payment" transaction flow but will send the MIT payment attribute data to show it was a No-Show Transaction.

Additional Charges will be processed as a Sale Transaction and will go online for authorisation. The MIT payment attribute data will show this as an additional charge.

By selection Customer Not Present, the additional completion types will be offered

Dynamic Currency Conversion - additional rate information

The screens displayed during a currency conversion transaction have been changed to give more information on the source of the Currency exchange rate and the profit margin added.

The rates will either be provided by "Reuters" - the Reuter Wholesale Interbank rate, or "ECB" - the European Central Bank.

In addition, the margin charged to use the DCC service will be explicitly displayed.

Sonic Tone on Authorisation

When a sale transaction is authorised on a Move 5000 terminal using a Mastercard Credit or Debit card, the Mastercard Audio Brand will be played.

Further information and a sample of the tune can be seen on Youtube at:

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