Pax A920 Paper Roll Replacement

Article by Megan Grosso

Follow the steps below to learn how to do a Pax A920 Paper Roll Replacement. 

Removing the thermal paper roll

To remove the thermal paper, turn the device over and pull the paper cover latch away from the device. The top section of the device will pivot downwards. To remove the paper, simply pull the paper roll out.

view of paper roll compartment in pax terminal

Installing a new thermal paper roll

To install a new thermal paper roll, insert paper roll with the paper poking out of the top of the device. Then, close the lid until the lid snaps into place. It will make an audible click. Ensure the lid is fully closed so that the paper roll fully engages the paper. Tear off any excess paper.

Now you have completed a Pax A920 Paper Roll Replacement. 

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