PINpad Keypad & Display

Article by Megan Grosso

The PINpad keypad is laid out as below:

To enter numbers press the relevant keys. If you make a mistake you can correct this using the correction keys. Press the clear key once to delete one character at a time. Press the cancel key once to delete the entire line; pressing the cancel key again will cancel the transaction.

The PINpad display is laid out as below:

When your PINpad is connected to your terminal, and after a short initialisation process the WELCOME message will be displayed on the PINpad; this means that the PINpad has initialised and is ready to use. Your terminal will display the terminal status of READY at this time.
Throughout this guide the convention is to show screenshots of your PINpad with a grey background, and to show screenshots of your terminal with a white background.
Further to this, in order to illustrate the different screens that are shown simultaneously on both your PINpad and your terminal; the screenshot of your PINpad will be shown immediately below that of your terminal - an example is shown below:

Note: If your PINpad displays a blank screen with 🙂 permanently after your PINpad has been connected to your terminal then please contact the terminal Helpdesk.

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