Article by Megan Grosso

All Vega 3000 family terminals are configured to complete automatic end of day. To disable this feature please contact technical support. For the totals to display correctly, this must be completed during the ‘Banking Window’ time set by your Acquirer. During a Settlement, the terminal will connect to your acquirer(s) and ensure that all transactions processed have been received.


Step 1
Ensure the terminal is at the Welcome screen and press the ‘MAIN MENU’ key to display the Reports and Terminal Menu. Select ‘BATCH’ and then select ‘SETTLE’.

Step 2
You may be requested to enter the Merchant Password.

Step 3
If your terminal is configured with multiple Acquirers, you can select the Acquirer you want to settle.
However, the selection of ‘ALL HOSTS’ is recommended. The terminal will connect to the selected
Acquirer(s) and print out the Settlement report. The Settlement totals will be reset to zero once
this process is complete.
If you do not complete this procedure, it may result in your terminal failing to automatically update
and may expose you to the risk of charge-backs.



Totals Agree / Balance Reconciled
Everything was received by your Acquirer(s) and the totals in the terminal match their totals.

Totals disagree / Out of Balance
There has been a discrepancy in the total value of the transactions that the Acquirer has and those in
the terminal (i.e. the totals are out of balance).
The terminal will print the error code ‘73’ on the receipt of each transaction after the discrepancy occurred. This will require you to review the receipt for that day’s transactions to find the one that caused the error. Once discovered you can contact the Acquirer to rectify the situation.
Please note: Manual program updates will reset the totals and may cause this response.

Totals unconfirmed
The terminal was unable to connect to your Acquirer(s). Please contact the technical help desk.

Cannot confirm
The terminal was unable to connect to your Acquirer(s). This is only displayed when the terminal has
previously attempted a Settlement that had a Totals Unconfirmed response.
Please note: If you are unsure of any aspect relating to the Settlement procedure, please contact
your technical help desk.


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