Supervisor Functions

Article by Megan Grosso

If configured, the default Supervisor Code (prior to terminal being installed) is set at 0000.

The ‘Supervisor Code’ is designed to limit access to the ‘Supervisor Functions’ configured for certain transaction types or access to certain ‘Functions’ and ‘Function Codes’ on the terminal to those who have access to the code.
Your terminal is shipped with an initial default code of 0000, however during the ‘Self-Install’ process you will be prompted to change it.
If you forget your code, please contact the Helpdesk who will be able to provide you with a temporary code to allow you to reset it to a new value.

Note: The following codes are not valid choices for your Supervisor code: Any sequential numeric code of four digits i.e. 1234, 4567 etc or four digits the same i.e.1111, 3333, 9999 etc.

If you know your password but wish to change it, you may do this by accessing ‘Supervisor Code’ in the ‘Supervisor Menu’, please refer to the section on ‘Functions and Function Codes’ later in this user guide.

If your terminal is lost or stolen, you should contact the terminal Helpdesk immediately.

You are strongly advised to ensure that privileged access to your terminal (including access to the ‘Supervisor Code’) is only granted to staff that have been independently verified as being trustworthy.


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