Error Messages - TABLE & HYPRERLINK

Article by Megan Grosso

When a Chip Card is inserted, swiped or the long card number is typed in, the terminal will check against a number of parameters downloaded from the Castles technology system. If the terminal rejects the card it will display one of the following messages:

ACQUIRER DISABLED The terminal has logged off from your acquirers. Please contact the helpdesk to have your terminal logged on again. 
CARD ERROR The magnetic stripe could not be read when the card was swiped. Check that it was swiped the correct way round and try again, or try a different card. If the problem persists, please contact the helpdesk.
PLEASE REMOVE CARD The chip could not be read when the card was inserted. Check that it was inserted the correct way round or try an alternative. If problems persist, please contact the helpdesk. 
EXPIRED CARD The card inserted is past its expiration date or the date on the terminal is incorrect. 
INVALID CARD The check digit (last digit) if the card number entered is incorrect. Double check you have the correct number and try re-typing carefully. 
MAN ENT NOT ALLOWED Typing in the number of this type of card is not allowed by the Card Issuer. You must only insert or swipe it. 
SETTLEMENT REQUIRED If the settlement procedure is not completed on a regular basis, the terminal's batch record of totals will become full. The Settlement procedure must be performed before you can resume taking transactions. See Settlement article for more information. 
STORE FULL The terminal stores offline authorised transactions until it next successfully connects to your acquirer. To prevent delays in funds reaching your bank account, the terminal will only store a limited number of transactions before displaying this message. Please complete a new settlement. See Settlement article for more information. Please contact the helpdesk if the Settlement does not resolve the issue. 
UNSUPPORTED CARD It is not permissible for the card number to be used on the terminal. PLEASE NOTE: This message is usually the result of typing in the card number incorrectly. Check you have the correct number and try re-typing carefully. If the problem persists, please contact the helpdesk. 

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