Top-Up Transaction - Chip & Pin Card

Article by Megan Grosso

Please note that this option is only available for certain types of business. Please contact Customer Services for further information.

If, following a ‘Pre-Authorisation’ transaction, the value of the transaction increases (e.g. because of an extended stay at a hotel) an additional ‘Pre-Authorisation’ transaction will be required.

If your terminal is not configured to automatically perform the additional ‘Pre-Authorisation’, you may have to perform a ‘TopUp’ as follows.

1. Press MENU at the ‘Idle Screen’. Select ‘TopUp’.

2. The Top-Up menu screen will be displayed. Enter the additional amount and then press ENTER.

3. Insert the cardholder’s card into the terminal.

4. Terminal will check the card.

5. Type in the ‘PIN’ and then press TICK. Press CLEAR to clear one digit at a time and type in new PIN or press X to Cancel Txn.

6. Type in the ‘Txn ID’ from original Pre-Auth and then press TICK.

7. Type in the ‘Txn ID check digits’ from original Pre-Auth and then press TICK.

The transaction will now continue as a normal ‘Sale’ transaction, except the header will be ‘Top-Up’.

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