Transaction and Terminal Responses

Article by Megan Grosso

APPROVAL / AUTHORISED The word 'APPROVAL' or 'AUTHORISED' plus a 2 to 6 digit Approval Code indicates the transaction was approved by the Card Issuer. 
CARD BLOCKED The Card Issuer has blocked the card from use. 
CALL AUTH CENTRE A call to the Authorisation Centre is required to complete the transaction. 
COMMS FAIL The terminal is unable to contact the acquirer. 
DECLINED The transaction has been declined by your acquirer or the Card Issuer. 
DECLINED BY CARD The chip on the card decided to decline the transaction. 
HOST DECLINED The terminal has received a decline response from the acquirer. 
INVALID TRANSACTION The attempted type of transaction is not allowed on the terminal. 
DECLINED, KEEP CARD / PICK UP CARD The merchant must attempt to retain the card by reasonable and peaceful. 

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