Using the POSitive Payment System

Article by Megan Grosso

From the boot-up screen please click “Payments”, once the application has loaded you will be prompted for an ID and password, as shown in Figure 03. By default, both these fields are 1234. You will then be prompted to set a new password. This is the manager account. Once you are logged you will be at the main menu of the POSitive payment application, this is shown in Figure 04.

From the “Main Menu” you are able to:

Conduct sales (with gratuity and cashback).
Conduct refunds.
Conduct card not present sales.
Conduct pre-authorisations and completions.
Reprint and view receipts.
Test the acquiring connection.

From the “Admin Menu” you are able to:

Print software and hardware information. Reconcile with Z reports.
Generate X reports.
Print the transaction history.
Manage user accounts.

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