VEGA3000M Contactless Sale

Article by Megan Grosso

Follow these easy steps to conduct a VEGA3000M Contactless Sale.

The terminal will offer contactless payment if:
1. The terminal supports the functionality.
2. The card supports the functionality.
3. The transaction amount is suitable.

Step 1
When the terminal is ready to perform a Sale transaction it will show the 'Enter amount screen. If the cardholder requests a contactless payment you must first enter the Sale amount in pence and press the green ‘OK’ key.
Example: Typing in 1000 would equate to a value of £10.00.
Please note: If a mistake is made entering data, the the last digit can be deleted by pressing the yellow ‘ARROW’ key.

transaction home screen to enter sale amount to start contactless payment

Ask the customer to place his/her card in close proximity to the terminal display. The four LEDs at the top of the display will indicate a successful read.
Once the card is successfully read, ask the cardholder to remove the card.

vega2000c terminal is ready to present customers contactless card for sale


Step 2

The terminal will now connect to your acquirer and display progress. If the transaction is approved, the Approval Code will be displayed and the terminal will print the merchant’s copy of the receipt.

once contactless sale is complete the approval code will be displayed on the terminal screen


Step 3

The merchant's copy of the receipt will be printed.


Step 4

The terminal will automatically return to the 'ENTER AMOUNT' screen.


Example of Sale Receipt

Please note: The receipt is identical to the Chip Card Sale receipt, except 'CONTACT' replaces 'ICC' and 'VERIFIED BY PIN' is replaced by 'Cardholder not verified'.

merchant copy of successful contactless sale with vega3000m

You have now completed a VEGA3000M Contactless Sale. For further assistance, please call our help desk below.

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