Viewing System Information

Article by Megan Grosso

To view the system information, from the Main Menu shown, tap Admin Menu and choose “System Info”. The device will print various information that can be used for issue diagnosis.

Username The username of the currently logged in user
User ID The user ID of the currently logged in user
POS ID The Terminal ID (TID)
POSitive Version The version of the POSitive Payment Application
MID The Merchant ID
Connection Type The connection type i.e. Wi-Fi, Ethernet 
Terminal Firmware Version The base software of the terminal e.g. Paydroid 7.1
PTID The Permanent Terminal ID (Serial Number)
Terminal Serial Number The Serial number of the device
Terminal Model The device model number e.g. A920PRO
Reconciliation Time The time of the last reconciliation (Z Report)
EMV Enabled If EMV processing is currently enabled or disabled
APN Name (SIM 1/2) The name of the APN in Sim 1/2 e.g. O2 or Vodafone
APN (SIM 1/2) The APN details of Sim 1/2 e.g.
Current SIM What SIM is currently being used
Date The date on the device
Time The time on the device



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