Accept payments online.


Accepting multiple forms of payment makes doing business with you more convenient for your customers. It allows you to keep your shop open 24/7 and reach a wider customer base. As a merchant, you can take advantage of digital payments to boost your revenue.

If you have a website selling a product/service, it's important to have a simple & effective payment gateway. Paynetworx provides this through our e-commerce payments, to get you taking payments 24 hours after your merchant approval.

Our payment pages integrate with your shopping cart and allow you to accept all major debit and credit cards, including AMEX. Our payment gateway includes fraud prevention and security checks to keep you and your customer's data safe.

Provide an optimised customer journey as you allow customers to purchase your products at a time and place that suits them. You can also offer recurring payment methods like a subscription.

So how does it work?

1. Set up your online shop
Integrate our plugin with your website’s shopping cart.
2. Account connection
Link your Paynetworx merchant account with your online shop.
3. Take payments
Set up your products and prices and start taking payments.
4. Get paid
Get paid fast & view your transactions in real-time.

The two ways to set up your online shop

We’ll handle your payment page

This redirects your customers to a payment page where they enter their payment details and once the order confirms, it’ll link back to your website with an order confirmation.

You can customise your payment page

If you prefer your payment page on your website, our team can assist you with this. It requires more PCI compliance and an SSL certificate.

Ecommerce Customer Testimonial
"Very good overall process. Everything was done quickly, Hassan was very good. He went through everything and was very helpful. Throughout the application I've had great customer service. Would definitely recommend Paynetworx to others."
Simon Dennis Butchers, Sawbridgeworth

Why Choose Paynetworx?

  • Hassle-free – Our team make set-up easy, including choosing the right terminal and installing it for you.
  • No set-up fees – We’ll help you through the sign-up to changing provider, all free of charge.
  • Account manager – You’ll receive check-in calls from a dedicated Account Manager and regular communications from our Head Office.
  • UK Help Desk – Our UK help desk is available every day (except Christmas Day).
  • Super secure – We use all the security checks available to keep payments safe for you and your customers.
  • We also include free PCI DSS compliance support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online payments safe?

Yes. Our payment gateway uses 3D secure, Card Verification Value (CVV), and Address Verification System (AVS). These additional security checks ensure that only the cardholder can make the payment on your website.
The gateway is also PCI DSS compliant which means you and your customer's data are protected. We provide support in getting and maintaining PCI compliance.

What if I’ve never taken card payments before?

Don't worry, we have a dedicated team to help get you set up and choose the right package that works for you. Cash spending is on the decline, so we'll help you get set up taking card payments quickly.

Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes. Your payment gateway stores the customer's data safely and saves you time by getting you paid consistently by your regular customers.

How do I know which online system I should use?

For online payments, E-commerce is a payment gateway used for taking payments on your website. If you want to take payments over the phone or with an email link, then this is a Virtual Terminal.
For example, if you are selling chocolates online, you need an E-commerce payment gateway. If you’re doing catering for weddings and require a deposit, then you need a Virtual Terminal. We will help you choose the right payment gateway for your business.

Is there a set-up fee?

No. We don’t charge a set-up fee, we charge based on how many card transactions you process in a year. If this amount changes, we can readjust the package you’re on to fit you better.

More ways to take payments

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