Account Verification

Article by Megan Grosso

Note: You must ensure that this option is enabled on your acquirers Merchant Account. Contact your acquirer to ensure that this option is available to you.

In order to check that a customer’s card is valid an Account Verification can be performed. Typically this would be used before opening a bar tab, or any situation where a low value Pre-Authorisation would otherwise be performed. An Account Verification has no value and therefore does not affect the available balance on the customer’s bank account.

To perform an Account Verification press the menu key three times, then choose ACC VERIFY.

Insert, swipe or key the customer’s card.

The terminal will continue as per a normal sale with the exception that an amount is not prompted for, refer to the instructions for the appropriate sale transaction type to complete the transaction.

When an Account Verification is successful then ACCOUNT VERIFIED will be displayed on the terminal and printed on the transaction receipts.

Account Verification receipts carry the extra text of ACCOUNT VERIFICATION to indicate that the transaction details are not captured by the acquirer.

Note: If the ACC VERIFY option is not shown in the menu on your terminal then the Account Verification functionality is not available to you. Account Verification many not be available for all card types.


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