Authorisation Only Transaction

Article by Megan Grosso

Note: You must ensure that this option is enabled on your acquirers Merchant Account. Contact your acquirer to ensure that this option is available to you.

An Authorisation Only transaction gives an authorisation code for a specific amount against a customer’s card without the capture of the transaction details by the acquirer.

This facility is intended for merchants who wish to bank transactions using a different system, or to check that the customer has enough credit for a transaction.

The transaction does NOT debit the customers bank account or credit your merchant account. The transaction value is NOT added to the terminal totals. When an Authorisation Only transaction is done the available credit on the customers bank account will be reduced by the amount authorised.

Authorisation Only transactions may be submitted to the acquirer through the Forced Transaction function. These transactions do not include gratuities.

To perform an Authorisation Only transaction press the menu key twice, then choose AUTH.

Select the desired Authorisation Only transaction type and perform the transaction as normal.

Authorisation Only receipts carry the extra text of AUTHORISATION ONLY to indicate that the transaction details are not captured by the acquirer.

Note: Authorisation codes typically expire after 7 days (or 3-4 days for Maestro cards). If the transaction is not submitted within that time the customer’s available balance will be restored by the authorised amount.

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