Declined Transactions

Article by Megan Grosso

The customer’s card, card issuer or the acquirer can decline to authorise any transaction.

A declined response from the acquirer’s host system will display a message on your terminal in place of the usual AUTH CODE: xxxxx message. This can be, for example, DECLINED, NOT AUTHORISED, or RETAIN CARD. This message will be displayed on the screen for up to 60 seconds, or until the enter key is pressed.

A declined receipt will be printed which clearly indicates that the transaction has not been authorised. It will also show the message from the acquirer if such message is present.

Transactions with an inserted chip card may be declined by the card without the terminal contacting the acquirer’s host system. You should advise the customer to contact their card issuer and request another means of payment.

If your terminal is unable to contact the acquirer for a transaction with an inserted Chip card, the transaction maybe declined by the card with the message COMMS FAILURE DECLINED.

Note: If the COMMS FAILURE DECLINED message is displayed there may be a problem with your telephone or LAN connection. This will be indicated by the diagnostic (DIAG) codes printed on the receipt. Refer to the section entitled Diagnostic Codes for more details. If you are prompted to retain the customer card you should follow the standard procedures as laid down by your acquirer.


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