Desk 3500 Swipe Sale

Article by Megan Grosso

Follow the steps below to conduct a Desk 3500 Swipe Sale.

To start, press the MENU (dot) at the 'Idle Screen' to display the 'Transaction Menu'.

  1. Select 'Sale' on the screen as described earlier to select it.
transaction menu for desk 3500

2. This screen will be displayed if ‘Sale’ is selected from the above menu. As you type in the transaction amount, it will change to the following step.

enter sale amount for swipe card sale

3. Press to confirm amount or press to clear all digits or press to clear one digit at a time and type in new value.

press ok to confirm amount entered is correct

4. Swipe the cardholder's card.

desk 3500 terminal read to conduct swipe card sale

5. Terminal will check the card.

6. This screen will only be displayed if the terminal attempted to connect to the acquirer.

terminal is connecting to acquirer

7. A response to the ‘Sale’ request is returned by the acquirer. The terminal will print the merchant receipt.

sale is complete and merchant receipt is printed

8. Tear off the merchant receipt and press the green TICK if it is readable or press FEED to reprint the receipt. Ask the cardholder to sign the receipt.

instruction to tear off merchant receipt

9. If the signature matches one on the card, press the green TICK. If not, press yellow CLEAR and the transaction will be reversed. A customer receipt is printed.

question for signature ok for swipe card sale

10. Tear off the customer receipt and press if it is readable or press to reprint the receipt.

tear off customer receipt

You have now completed a Desk 3500 Swipe Sale. For more articles on how to use your Desk 3500, click here.

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