Pre-Authorisation (Pre-Auth) - Hotel Mode

Article by Megan Grosso

Please note that this option is only available for certain types of business. Please contact Customer Services for further information.

Where there is a likelihood of a large value transaction, such as a hotel or car hire bill, a ‘Pre-Authorisation’ transaction for the expected value may be made. If, following a ‘Pre-Authorisation’ transaction, the value of the transaction increases (e.g. because of an extended stay at a hotel) an additional ‘Top-up’ transaction may be required.

1. Press MENU at the ‘Idle Screen’. Select ‘PreAuth’.

2. The Pre-Auth menu screen will be displayed Enter the amount and then press TICK.

3. Insert/Swipe card.

4. Terminal will check the card.

The transaction will now continue as a normal ‘Sale’ transaction, except the header will be ‘Pre-Auth’.


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