Setting the Merchant Password

Article by Megan Grosso

You may be asked to enter a password to perform certain functions. Different passwords protect different terminal functions and it is best to change these from the factory default to protect against potential fraudulent usage of the terminal. We strongly recommend to change this password on a regular basis.

Please note: To protect against fraudulent activity with regard to voice referred transactions, you must amend your merchant password to your own value.

Local Merchant password

The local password (sometimes referred to as a merchant password) is used to protect certain terminal functions, such as the End of Day Settlement process and Refunds. This password comprises of four digits and has a factory default of 0000. If you forget this password, please contact your help desk. To change the local password follow the procedure below:
1. Ensure the terminal is displaying the Welcome screen.
2. Press the ‘F1’ key to display the Reports and Terminal Menu.
3. Press the down ‘ARROW’ key to show the additional menu items.
4. Select ‘SETUP’ from the menu.
5. Select ‘PASSWORD’ from the menu.
6. Select ‘CHANGE’ from the menu.
7. Type in the old password and press the green ‘OK’ key.
8. Type in the new local password (default is 0000) and press the green ‘OK’ key.
9. Repeat the previous step.
10. The terminal will beep and display ‘TRANSACTION ACCEPTED’.
The local password is now updated.

Maintenance password
The maintenance password is used to protect supervisory terminal functions. This password comprises of six digits. You will to need call your help desk to obtain this password.

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